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Video marketing is now used in all industries, and healthcare isn’t an exception. Video marketing gives the healthcare industry a chance to connect with patients and educate them on how to live a healthier life.

How Can Video Marketing Be Used to Educate and Attract Patients?

Videos can humanize organizations, and if there’s any industry that benefits from this kind of personal interaction, it’s healthcare. Doctors’ offices and hospitals have a tendency to feel cold and disconnected. Using video marketing can help patients feel important and connected. Here are a few different types of videos the healthcare industry uses to attract and educate patients:

Hospital Staff

1. Welcome Videos

This type of video introduces your practice as a whole to potential patients. In this video the viewer meets you the doctor and key staff and a few patient testimonials. They get a look at your facility and learn about what to expect when they come. Patients love this one because it helps them feel more at ease, reduces uncertainty and makes them feel more comfortable before they even set foot in your hospital!

2. Meet the Doctor

This type of video gives the viewer a sense of your personality. Most people will assume you are competent, however, when picking a doctor they want to choose someone they like and trust. For doctors who are likable and trustworthy a great video will go a LONG WAY in breaking the ice and helping them choose you over the competition.

3. Patient testimonials

This video allows prospective patients a chance to see what past and current patients think about you the doctor and how you’ve impacted their life. These videos can be the most relatable and impactful if done right!

Adorable Girl with Pediatrician

4. FAQ Videos

This video can deal with common questions patients  have about a procedure, but can also cover general medical education questions. These educational videos are often the most-watched videos you can have produced since people are always searching out information about their medical issues and problems.

5. Procedure Focus Videos

It is a “show-n-tell” video in that you can more fully cover key information about a particular procedure. You can describe the procedure in detail, show diagrams, “Before and After” pictures and even show the procedure being performed! This is a favorite for patients who want to know what to expect about the procedure they are considering.

What Types of Doctors are Doing VIDEO MARKETING?

Virtually all types of doctors and medical groups are using video these days to reach potential patients. With perhaps the exception of general practitioners who get a steady flow of patients from established networks, doctors that engage in marketing to attract new patients will always benefit from doing video marketing. Doctors that perform any type of non-emergency procedure can use video to set themselves apart. A partial list includes:

  • Plastic Surgeons

  • Cosmetic Dentists

  • Chiropractors

  • Orthodontists

  • Oral Surgeons

  • Upper Cervical Chiropractors

  • Prosthodontists

  • Psychologists

  • Bariatric Surgeons

  • Naturopathic Doctors

  • Orthopedic Surgeons

  • Dermatologists

  • Optometrists

  • Sleep Doctors

  • ENT Doctors

  • Fertility Doctors

  • Veterinarians

  • Urologists

Hopefully these tips have been helpful in your quest to use video marketing in your overall marketing strategy. Many doctors still consider video a luxury that they can easily put off for another day. Meanwhile their competition is getting more attention and more patients by using smarter “stand-out” techniques. Even if a doctor is using video it is clear that there is great opportunity to increase their audience using the videos. Don’t put it off any longer. Give your prospective patients what they want – videos!

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